Video Requirements:

      1. Have fun! We want to see your style shine through your video.
      2. Make sure your video is set to UNLISTED on YouTube. 
      3. Videos should be 10 seconds to 2 minutes long.
      4. Only use licensed music or music that you’ve created. You can find free music online! If you use licensed music, we will need a copy of that license agreement.
      5. Please keep your video kid friendly to be eligible for submission. Get creative, but no nudity, swearing, bad stuff, you get the picture.
      6. Only submit your own original videos. If accepted, this video will be posted on the YOOTOON channel.
      7. You must be over 13. If you are not over 13, please have your parent or guardian submit the video for you or have them contact us at: joinyootoon at gmail.com

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